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Prophet's Rock 

Prophet’s Rock wines are crafted to be shared with friends, enjoyed at the table, and laid down in the cellar. Whether you’re after a drop that will make your taste buds sing today or something that will reward years of patience, we have a wine for you.

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Winemaking in
Central Otago

Led by Paul Pujol, our winemaking is a sensitive, site-driven, and empathic approach which aims to express the beauty of the place rather than pronounced winemaking characters.

His traditional aesthetic — respectful, patient, vineyard-focused — resonates in our wines, and frees them to express the unique tenor of our sites.

The Vineyard

The small team at Prophet’s Rock produces wine from its three estate vineyards in Central Otago. These stunningly beautiful sites span a range of soils, from clay & pedogenic lime to different ages of schist.

A vineyard-centric approach drives a measured and unobtrusive winemaking style, with the aim of producing true reflections of the Prophet’s Rock sites.

Meticulous farming, indigenous yeast, very low extraction, extended élevage, and a collaboration with Burgundian winemaker François Millet are features of our approach.

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